Whether the wedding has past, never happened, or you found a gown that fit your vision more...

Consignment is a great way to help create a sustainable wedding industry and to help a bride make beautiful memories in a dress that gave you that special feeling too. 

Bergamot Bridal accepts dress that are 3 years old or newer, retailed for over $1000 and in excellent condition. 
Each dress will go through a screening process to ensure it is the right fit for our boutique. All dresses must be dry-cleaned and in ready-to-wear condition. 

If your dress is more than 3 years old please send us a photo of the dress so we can consider if it will be a good fit for our boutique. 


The Consignment Period

The consignment period is 8 months long, during which time the consigner continues to hold ownership of the gown or accessories while Bergamot Bridal showcases it on their behalf. 

We work with each consigner to agree upon a price of the item(s) they have consigned based on on condition, age, designer, etc. 

When consigning an item, each consigner will receive 50% of the item once it has sold. Payments are done e-transfer and sent to the consigner within 2-4 weeks of the sale. 

After The Consignment Period

When the 8 month consignment period has ended the consignor has 14 days to pick up up their remaining consigned item(s). 
All item(s) not picked up after the 14 day post consignment period will be considered donated to the boutique.

Accepted Consignment Items

We accept all wedding dresses that are 3 years old or newer in ready-to-sell condition and dry cleaned, veils, hairpieces, & jewelry.

 Consignment is only done at our London, Ontario boutique. If you are not local and would like to consign your dress, please contact us for details and requirements for non-resident consignment. 

*Please Note: bringing your original purchase receipt to your consignment appointment will help you get the most back for your dress!


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